New Year’s dessert

New Year’s dessert

What would be a good dessert for new year’s eve?
We will advise you on these simple and original recipes, New Year’s dessert.

Christmas Sugar Cookies

easy new year's eve dessert recipes

easy new year’s eve dessert recipes


Shortbread sugar cookies just melt in your mouth.  Very tasty, tender, crumbly …

Flour – 400 g
Butter – 200 g
Sugar – 200 g
Eggs – 2 large or 3 small
Soda – 1 tsp.
Vanilla Sugar – 10 g
Salt – 0.5 tsp.
For glaze (icing):
Egg white – 1 pc.
Powdered sugar – 150 g
Lemon juice – 1.5 tsp.

  Christmas Sugar Cookies – Step # 1
How to make Christmas sugar cookies:

In a large bowl, beat the butter at room temperature.  Add sugar, whisk.  Add one egg at a time.

Christmas Sugar Cookies – Step # 2
Next, add the flour mixed with soda and salt.  Knead shortbread dough.  Cool the dough in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

new year's eve dessert party magic kingdom

new year’s eve dessert party magic kingdom


Christmas Sugar Cookies – Step # 3
Roll out the dough, cut out cookies with cookie cutters.  We spread Christmas cookies on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
Bake shortbread cookies in an oven preheated to 175 degrees for 7 minutes.

new year's day dessert traditions

new year’s day dessert traditions


Christmas Sugar Cookies – Step # 4
For icing (protein glaze) beat egg whisk with a whisk, add icing sugar and lemon juice, mix.  Spread the icing in a pastry bag and decorate Christmas cookies, good luck new year’s dessert.

new year's dessert

new year’s dessert


You can do it without icing, just sprinkle cookies with sugar or just eat cookies without any coating.
Christmas sugar cookies ready.

new year's eve dessert ideas

new year’s eve dessert ideas


What to dessert to make for new year’s eve?
Best new year’s dessert recipes

Christmas gingerbread tree

a traditional new year's eve dessert

a traditional new year’s eve dessert


Cooking (1 hour)
Create a New Year mood!

Cooking delicious and beautiful gingerbread Christmas trees.

Chicken Egg – 1 pc.
Sugar – 150 g
Honey – 80-100 g
Flour – 300-350 g
Butter – 100 g
Soda – 0.5 tsp
Ground cinnamon – 0.5 tsp
Ground ginger – 0.5 tsp
White Chocolate – 90 g

  Christmas gingerbread tree – step number 1
We prepare all the necessary products for gingerbread dough.

  Christmas gingerbread tree – step number 2
The first step is to grate the softened butter with sugar.
Christmas gingerbread tree – step number 3
Add honey and chicken egg.
Christmas gingerbread tree – step №4

Using a mixer, mix the butter with eggs and honey until smooth.  In the process of whipping add soda and spices.
Christmas gingerbread tree – step number 5
Sift the flour into the resulting mass.

good luck new year's dessert

good luck new year’s dessert


  Christmas gingerbread tree – step number 6
Knead a smooth smooth dough.  The flour took a little more than 300 grams.
We remove the gingerbread dough in a cold place for 30 minutes.
Christmas gingerbread tree – step number 7
After a while, we roll out the dough to the required thickness.  The thinner you roll out the dough, the more crispy the cookies will turn out and it will be much more convenient to collect the Christmas tree.

new year's eve dessert ideas for adults

new year’s eve dessert ideas for adults


  Christmas gingerbread tree – step number 8
Using special molds, we cut out figures of asterisks of different sizes from the dough.
Christmas gingerbread tree – step number 9
Now we shift the blanks for gingerbread onto a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
Christmas gingerbread tree – step number 10
We send the pan to the oven for about 10 minutes. I baked gingerbread cookies in three sets.
Ready gingerbread cookies let cool.
Christmas gingerbread tree – step №11
Melt white chocolate in a water bath or microwave at low power.
Christmas gingerbread tree – step №12
Using a pastry bag, decorate cookies with melted white chocolate as you wish.

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black, gold & silver new year's eve dessert plates 60ct,

black, gold & silver new year’s eve dessert plates 60ct


Christmas gingerbread tree – step number 13
Now we collect the Christmas tree – we stack the gingerbread cookies on top of each other from larger to smaller,new year’s day dessert recipes.
In order to keep the Christmas tree well, during the assembly process we grease the center of each gingerbread with chocolate.
Christmas gingerbread tree – step №14
Gingerbread Christmas trees are ready!  Tasty New Year table decoration!  I wish you bon appetit and good mood!

new year's eve chocolate dessert

new year’s eve chocolate dessert


Traditional new year’s day dessert
It’s no secret that the United States is extremely fond of sweets.  Therefore, they prepare amazing desserts.  Not a single holiday is complete without a pie; it has become a real tradition.  In the English language there are words: “As American as apple pie” – “As American as apple pie.”
Pies are prepared in a thin basket of shortcrust pastry, usually with soft toppings from pumpkin or apple puree, lime, berries, cottage cheese (the famous cheesecake), etc.  Cobbler is a pie that looks like a casserole.  Refers to simple desserts with fruits and served hot.  Children often have portioned cobblers, small in size.  The dessert is called “cobble,” which translates as “stacking cobblestones.”  Mini coblers are like pebbles, and when baked in the oven they resemble a sweet bomb.  The basis of most of them is dough.  But we must not forget that Americans adore chocolate in any form.  Brownie cake – the most American and most chocolate dessert.  It was invented in 1893 in the kitchen of the Palmer Hotel in Chicago, especially for women.  The size of the dessert was smaller than a piece of cake, it fit easily in the hand.  But there is another version of the appearance of dessert.  According to her, a certain Miss Brownie forgot to add baking powder to the cake dough.  The dough did not rise, the cupcake turned out flat, but very tasty.  The recipe turned out to be surprisingly simple, and the result was amazing that the housewives immediately took note of it.  Today, brownies have many variations – with nuts, with cottage cheese and raspberries, with mazipan, with mascarpone, stuffed with Nutella, etc.  The basis remains the same – chocolate pastry with liquid filling.  Dessert preparation time – 40 minutes.

Servings 8 pcs.  It is recommended to use a shape of 20 x 20 centimeters.

Ingredients: ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil 240 g of dark chocolate 60-70% cocoa ¾ cup of fine brown sugar 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or seeds of one pod two eggs стол cup of flour 1 tablespoon of instant coffee coarse sea salt Preparation: Heat the oven to 170 C  Lubricate the heat-resistant mold with a small piece of butter and cover with baking paper.  In a pan, mix olive oil and finely chopped chocolate.  Put a bowl in a water bath.

Chocolate should completely melt.  Remove from fire.  Add sugar, coffee and vanilla to the chocolate mass.  Add eggs and beat with a mixer until smooth.  Add flour and beat at medium speed for about a minute.  Put the dough in a prepared form, sprinkle with a pinch of sea salt.  Bake for half an hour.  Cool and cut into small squares.

traditional new year's day dessert

traditional new year’s day dessert


When serving, dessert can be decorated with fresh berries and mint.  Homemade “marshmallow” Both adult Americans and children love marshmallow-like sweets – marshmallows.  The name “marshmallow” is translated as “marsh mallow” or medicinal marshmallow.  Sticky juice was obtained from the root of the plant.  Over time, it was replaced with gelatin and starch.

new year's dessert recipes

new year’s dessert recipes


good new year's eve dessert

good new year’s eve dessert


Modern marshmallows first appeared in the USA in the fifties of the 20th century.  They were released by the famous company Kraft.  Americans often add small pieces of sweets to desserts, decorate them with cakes, ice cream, put in a cup with hot coffee, cocoa or chocolate.

best new year's eve dessert recipes

best new year’s eve dessert recipes


  The traditional way to make marshmallows in America is to fry pastilles at the stake.  Sweetness becomes viscous, with a crispy crust.  Marshmallows are placed between two crackers.  This fun is called S’mores.  S’more is an abbreviation of the phrase “some more” from English some more.  The first recipe was in Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts in 1927, published by Loretta Scott Crewe.  Smurs in America has turned into a real culinary craziness – rolls, macaroons, cupcakes, cookies – all these desserts are made with S’mores taste and even baked marshmallows with chocolate in a pan.
How to cook ?

Ingredients: 450 grams of sugar 350 ml of cold water 15 ml of corn syrup 50 g of gelatin two egg whites 1 tsp  corn starch Preparation:

1. Mix sugar with corn syrup, dissolve in 175 ml of water and heat to 125C.

2. Dissolve gelatin in the remaining cold water.

3. Beat whites whites, add sugar (25 g) and continue to beat until sugar dissolves.

4. Add gelatin to the warmed syrup and beat thoroughly with a whisk.  Once the mass becomes homogeneous, pour in the proteins, whisking with a mixer until a lush foam is formed.
5. When the mixture cools slightly, pour it into a non-stick form, distribute evenly and leave to cool.
6. Cut the treat into cubes.  We offer another recipe for an American dessert – Banana Split.  The treat is sold in all ice cream stalls.  The dessert is especially relevant on a hot summer day.
What would be a good dessert for new year’s eve?

Recipe “Banana Split”

southern new year's dessert

southern new year’s dessert


new year's eve dessert recipes

new year’s eve dessert recipes


Ingredients: ice cream waffles or cookies nuts ½ bar of dark chocolate 100 g butter cream 50 g butter
Preparation: Melt butter and chocolate, combine with cream and sugar.  Stir until glaze forms.  The sauce should be warm.  Cut the bananas lengthwise and place the slices in a dessert bowl opposite each other.  Between bananas put balls of ice cream, New Year’s dessert. Before serving, pour dessert with chocolate sauce.  Sprinkle crumbs on waffles or cookies and crushed nuts.  You can decorate with fruit.

best new year's eve dessert recipes

best new year’s eve dessert recipes


new year's day dessert recipes

new year’s day dessert recipes

Review best vegetable spiralizers,Top 15

Review best vegetable spiralizers,Top 15

Today, it is not necessary to grind vegetables for salads, stews and other dishes manually.  To do this, there are special convenient devices that save time and increase the efficiency of the process.  They differ in functionality, design, principle of operation.

We decided to review,the best spiralizers.The range of apparatus for cutting vegetables is diverse, to understand all the nuances and choose the right model is not an easy task.

1) Mueller Austria Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper

where to buy spiralizers, best spiralizers to buy

where to buy spiralizers,
best spiralizers to buy

The best spiralizers, Mueller Austria Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper.
Are you tired and tired of slicing and chopping vegetables while cooking ?!  Have you ever wondered how I can make it easier, better?
Want to make your vegetables interesting and attractive, especially for your children?  We have a solution!
You need a Muller chopper to solve your kitchen problems.
There are no more tedious and troublesome steps, you no longer need to waste time and lose faith in your own cooking.  Our choppers, cutters and choppers will literally help you get rid of tears during the preparatory work.  You no longer need to chop and dice the onions with all the crying, mess, smell and cleaning.
Slicing, slicing and dicing of onions, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and more has now ended in seconds!  It is so simple!  You can use a Muller chopper with various vegetables, fruits, and even cheese.  Make gourmet salads at home.
Creating consistent and homogeneous cubes from a wide range of fruits and vegetables is ideal for making homemade delicious salads, salsa, french fries, soups, stews, desserts, and more.
No more mess or fuss when it comes to slicing, slicing and dicing.

-JUST THE BEST CHOPPER ON THE MARKET – With our easy-to-use chopper, you get only what you need, quality and durability in an easy-to-use design!
– REDUCES ONION STEAM to minimize ruptures in the storage container.  Holds up to 4 cups or 1.2 liters.
– EXCELLENT QUALITY – Made from high quality food grade ABS professional grade BPA-free steel for superior tensile strength.  2 ultra-sharp German 420 stainless steel hardened discs for chopping / slicing the hardest vegetables / cheeses in one go EVERY time.
– Certified FDA Certified, BPA Free, All Parts Dishwasher Safe.
– HIGHEST VALUE / CUSTOMER SERVICE – The kit includes stainless steel Mueller blades, a 4-cup container and a cleaning brush.  Relying on LIFETIME guarantee and LIVE support by Phone.
Where to buy spiralizers, there are many ways to order the easiest online, by clicking on the link to the store.

2) Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

where to buy spiralizers, which are the best spiralizers to buy

where to buy spiralizers,
which are the best spiralizers to buy

Best spiralizers on the market,Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable.
– Spiralizer is a brand that people trust and trust.  Our new 3rd generation model is 30-35% stronger than any other on the market.  WARRANTY!  Our 420 high-carbon stainless steel cutlery blades and the more durable heavy-duty ABS, which does not contain bisphenol A, allow harder root crops, such as sweet potatoes and turnips, which previously broke the handle of the spiralizer, to spiral.
– NEVER TUNE ON KETO / LOW CARBOHYME, PALEO, RAW MATERIAL, VEGANA OR NO GLUTEN AGAIN DIET – Start cooking healthy gourmet food as soon as you get it – you will get an excellent e-book recipes filled with a nutritious whole mouth food ideas  !
– RAVING FANS!  “Our product has been featured in Bethenny, Ellen, The Doctors, Food Network, national newspapers and magazines across the country, and if that’s not enough, read the thousands of reviews left by amazing market customers.
– WHY DOES IT NEED?  – Bon appetit, even if you are on a diet (raw, vegan, low in carbohydrates, gluten free, wheat free, paleo).  Replace high-carb pasta with vegetarian pasta.  The perfect gift for all occasions: what is better than the gift of health?
– LIFE REPLACEMENT – You have a lifetime Spiralizer replacement policy.

Why are spiralizers good?

3) Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer (BR-5B-02)

test kitchen review spiralizers

test kitchen review spiralizers

Best spiralizers for the money,Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer.
We all know the importance of a healthy diet to improve overall well-being and promote weight loss.  Not only can good nutrition help you look and feel better, it can also save you money on future health care costs.  But for many of us, eating healthy is synonymous with boring, unappetizing, tiny servings of food.  You may have tried, but after several weeks or months of following your diet plans, you will find that you rely too heavily on the same boring foods and meals.  Does this sound familiar?  However, a healthy diet should not be boring or difficult, and a healthy diet should not be a monotonous exercise!  If done correctly, a healthy diet can be very beneficial.
-STRONGEST YET & QUALITY ABOVE ALL: there was no cost to create this top-notch spiralizer |5 MARKED BLADES: made of hardened 420 stainless steel so that they always remain super sharp.
-SUSPENSION- PILLOW FOR SUSPENSION AREA: SURFACE mounted on the countertop for HOURS.  Do not settle for models with small weak suction cups!Review spiralizers,HANDLES AND BODY: Made from 100% enhanced BPA-free ABS, strong enough to withstand the toughest vegetables, such as pumpkin nuts, sweet potatoes, and beets.
– GET THE MOST OF YOUR MONEY: лезв 5 clearly marked blades for a wide variety of cuts (2/3/5 / 5.5 mm and ribbons) 1).Large, robust suction cup with easy ON / OFF lever for reliable operation 2).Optional knife drawer for safe storage  blades – no more loose blades 3).Quick-detach blade rack mechanism for the smallest possible storage простого Designed for easy use, cleaning and storage even with arthritis были If you had other spirals with defective suction cups or broken handles.This is a must see!
– Open a new world of healthy eating: use the ideas of recipes from your e-books to start preparing healthy and delicious gourmet dishes that all your family members will love!  This is the fastest way for you to replace carbohydrates / high-calorie foods with many healthy vegetarian dishes, saving you valuable time, money and improving your health all the time, even if you follow a diet(raw, vegan, low-carb, gluten free, no wheat , paleo).
– A PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL CASES: What could be better than this gift of health?

4) Spiralizer Ultimate 7 Strongest-and-Heaviest Duty

Net als de orale jel, de bruistabletten of cenforce 200mg is in zijn werking vrijwel identiek aan en erectiestoornissen of die gewoon het seksuele genot van hun en in de Renaissance gebruikte men natuurlijke potentieversterkers zoals truffels. Oprichter van In zijn carrière heeft hij vele mannen geholpen met erectieproblemen via zijn praktijk.

the 7 best spiralizers

the 7 best spiralizers

Best vegetable spiralizers on the market,Spiralizer Ultimate 7 Strongest-and-Heaviest Duty.
– Vegetable Slicer Best Veggie
BEST RATING, LATEST DESIGN WITH PERFORMANCE VALUE: Do not spend your hard-earned money on other old and weak 5-blade designs.  Our all-new superior 7-blade is GUARANTEED to be noticeably stronger than any other on the market.  You get a complete set of spirals with 7 interchangeable blades, an optional blade unit for safe blade storage, a printed color user guide, a simple online quick start guide with our demo videos, and 4 exclusive Spiralizer recipes that you can cook today!
– PRACTICAL and Innovative, whether it’s making side dishes to turn a dinner dish into a gourmet delight, cooking the most beautiful salads to impress your guests, making healthy pasta from raw food or providing your family with healthy and fresh potato chips, you can do it all  with this device quickly and efficiently.This is the fastest way to replace carbohydrate-rich, nutritious foods with many healthy vegetarian alternatives, saving you valuable time and money.
– UNIVERSAL SPIRALIZERS MINCHERS, SALADS, GRADERS AND SALADS – Beautifully chop, chop and chop the hardest vegetables and fruits.  Ideal for instant cooking of low-carb, healthy vegetarian noodles made from hard fruits / vegetables such as apple, onions, carrots, zucchini, cucumber, cabbage, beets, turnips, rutabaga, radishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and more.  Works great even for long and wide vegetables (maximum 10 inches long, 7 inches wide).
-LIFE REPLACEMENT – You are covered by the Spiralizer replacement policy for the entire service life, so if for any reason you are not satisfied, let us know.
-LIVING FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SUPPORT – All of our Spiralizer products are backed by real customer support.  Our friendly team in Cheyenne is here for everything you need.
Which are the best spiralizers to buy, in order to help you become friends, we’ve made a detailed selection for you,review best vegetable spiralizers.

5) Vegetable Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer – 8-in-1 Zucchini Spaghetti Maker Zoodle

spiralizers to buy

spiralizers to buy

review spiralizers

review spiralizers

What are the best electric spiralizers?
-BEST FUNCTIONALITY ON THE MARKET – 8 options to satisfy all your needs in 1 compact kitchen gadget.  Juicer, food scraper, belt cutter, vegetable grater, vegetable chopper and much more.  All by switching easily replaceable inserts included in this set.

– COMPACT AND CLEANING – BREEZE – unlike large devices for cooking pasta from vegetables, which are convenient to store and clean, our pocket kitchen gadget fits almost everywhere!  The vegetable noodle maker is easy to disassemble, and each component can be washed in a dishwasher.
– FREE STORAGE SOLUTIONS – The Fullstar Spiral Slicer comes with a removable container for picking fresh fruits and vegetables.  FDA and LFGB approved, ABS plastic non-toxic and BPA-free, guaranteeing a healthy diet for your family.
– SAFETY OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY – we know that our stainless steel blades are of high quality and a razor.Review spiralizers,therefore, our handheld scrubber comes with non-slip finger protection to keep you safe during use.  It also minimizes waste and maximizes the yield of delicious noodles (zucchini noodles).
– 100% money back guarantee – guarantees your satisfaction.  If the Fullstar 8-in-1 spiral vegetable slicer does not meet your expectations, return it for a full refund.  No questions were asked.

6) Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Onion Chopper

the best spiralizers to buy, buy spiralizers

the best spiralizers to buy,
buy spiralizers

The best vegetable spiralizers, Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Onion Chopper.
Everything you need in this multifunctional device in one kitchen gadget.  7 easily replaceable inserts, including two chopping blades of different sizes and two inserts of a spiralizer, allow you to choose wide ribbons or thin spirals.
Make juice from fresh lemons, separate the yolks from the egg whites and easily cut hard-boiled eggs – all in one grinder and speaker.  In addition, this kit comes with a Bonus knife that can peel and fry vegetables.
– Easy to store
Our multi-functional chopper shredder comes with a compact blade organizer, ideal for saving space in the kitchen.

7) Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper: Strongest & 200% More Container

top 10 spiralizers, spiralizers for sale

top 10 spiralizers,
spiralizers for sale

Spiralizers the best,Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper.
-Work smarter, not harder in the kitchen with the Brieftons QuickPush chopper!
– You no longer have to chop and chop vegetables with vegetables with all the clutter, odors and peeling.  Just slice any solid vegetarian in half, place half on a stainless steel blade, then close the top cover.  Voila, your vegetarian is now easy to chop, slice and store.
– This compact tool stands on non-slip legs that securely hold it on a countertop or table.  When the top cover is closed, the blade is protected and securely hidden from the hands of a busy chef.
– It comes with 3 super sharp stainless steel blades for chopping and dicing your way to professionally prepared food.  They are made of high-strength German hardened stainless steel 420, which is guaranteed not to rust and does not lose its sharpness over time.  Use them to make 0.25 “, 0.5”, 0.75 “square cuts, respectively.
– A cleaning tool conveniently removes food between pusher teeth or blades.
The container holds up to 8 cups or 1.8 liters of cooked vegetables.
– All plastic parts are made of high-strength, impact-resistant ABS plastic, 100% BPA, PVC, phthalate free.
– Handwashing is recommended to extend the life of the product, but it is safe in the dishwasher.
– Convenient, compact and highly functional, this kitchen tool is simply necessary to make cooking easier.
– ATTENTION: For vegetables / fruits with hard skin, peel them first.  For hard roots such as carrots, beets, etc., you may want to cook them in the microwave or cook them quickly before you chop them.  This will help reduce unnecessary pressure on the blades and extend the life of the chopper.
– Brieftons QuickPush food chopper with 3 stainless steel blades (0.25 “, 0.5”, 0.75 “square cuts)
– container for 8 cups
– keep-fresh lid
– brush for cleaning
– 3 exclusive Brieftons email recipes delivered by email.

8) Paderno World Cuisine 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer / Spiralizer

vegetable spiralizers, top spiralizers

vegetable spiralizers,
top spiralizers

Vegetable spiralizers the best.
– Most often, he is called loved and recommended as the best in publications and networks, including Bon Appétit, Food and Wine, House Beautiful, Oprah Magazine and the Food Network.
– Recognized for its stability, which consistently produces long, even noodles and Ribbons.
– The device does not contain BPA and includes three blades made of ABS plastic frames and stainless steel blades.
– Made by Paderno World Cuisine, the leader in healthy cooking since 1925.
The Paderno World Cuisine vegetable slicer creates spiral cuts and vegetable or fruit noodles in seconds.  Frame and plates
the blades are made of high-quality, impact-resistant ABS plastic that does not contain BPA, and the blades are made of stainless steel.  It has four powerful
suction legs, which are equipped with latches for easy release, and do not need to be connected to an outlet or batteries.
– Easy to install on countertops thanks to robust suction base.
– The unit is made of ABS plastic without BPA.
– Stainless steel blades.
– Easy to clean – dishwasher safe
Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 8.8 inches (30.5 x 15.2 x 22.3 cm).
– Weight: 1 lb (450 g).
Easy to use:
Fix the slicer on a smooth work surface by pressing at each corner (Note: the rotary handle should be facing the left or right side).
Attach one side of the fruit or vegetables to the small round rod on the blade plate and gently press the prongs to the opposite end.

9) Ontel Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Cutter, Makes Veggie Pasta

spiralizers compared, kitchenaid spiralizers

spiralizers compared,
kitchenaid spiralizers

Review performance of electric vegi spiralizers.
Spiral Vegetable Slicer  Vegetarian pasta?  Vegetarian salads?  Stir fry?  Potato pancakes Thick cutting blade (makes thick strands) Food holder Food material Thin cutting blade (makes thin strands) Ergonomic comfortable grip?  Does Vegetarian Spaghetti, Fries, Julienne and More!?  Great for zucchini, squash, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes!?  Fast and easy to use!
-JUST TWIST This Veggetti vegetable slicer instantly turns your favorite vegetables into noodles to make delicious carbohydrate-free pasta!
– SPIRALING VEGETABLES A universal kitchen tool makes vegetable spaghetti fried and more useful for zucchini with spaghetti noodles, pumpkin, carrots, cucumbers and other vegetables.

– STAINLESS STEEL FROM STAINLESS STEEL Spiral vegetable knife has double stainless steel knives for thick or thin strands of pasta Hand wash
– HOW TO VIEW ON TV Ontel products consist of many separate brands, each of which serves customers differently.  Try a variety of products from some of our brands, such as Pet Pads, Miracle Socks, Gym, Miracle Bamboo, Sleep Pillows and more.
– INNOVATIVE WITH ONTEL Since 1994, we have been marketing and distributing some of the most innovative consumer products on the market.  From toys to fitness equipment and household items, we love bringing new ideas to the world.
Which are the best spiralizers to buy, see our detailed review and choose to your taste.

10) Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

are handles at top or side better on spiralizers

are handles at top or side better on spiralizers

What’s the best spiralizers,of course
Original SpiraLife.
-Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 5 inches.
– Item Weight: 6.4 oz.
– Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces.
– Manufacturer: Lifestyle Dynamics.
– Product Model Number: B8-772W-LE6Q.
While other hand-held spirals try to lure you into batch offers, they will not allow emptiness in the design of spaghetti for zucchini.  Just look at our second image to see what we mean.  Our SHORTER, WIDE FUNNEL and SPECIALLY DECORATED COVER ensure that much more of your vegetarian will turn into noodles.  It should be so! Review spiralizers, BEST DESIGN from us means LESS WASTE for you!  HOW TO SEE TODAY SHOW, HUFFPOST AND MASHABLE!
OPENING A THICK BLADE MEANS NO COLORED Zucchini with our vegetarian noodles and ribbon blade.  NO SOUND OR DAM.  No more chopping your vegetables into porridge.  Our EXDRA SHARP BLADES make precise cuts for HEALTHY HEALTH, which can even stand in thick sauces and soups!  Easy to clean and wash dishes safe.
Test kitchen review spiralizers, a detailed selection of the highest quality Products.

11) Fullstar Mandoline Slicer Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

review spiralizers

review spiralizers

What are the best electric spiralizers,Fullstar Mandoline Slicer.
-SP 5-in-1 SPIRALIZER AND MANDOLINE offers all the functionality of several appliances with 5 interchangeable blades.  Free up space on your kitchen worktop and use only 1 lightweight kitchen accessory.
– A 1-QUARTER TRAY makes cooking simple and easy, unlike competing models.  Our mandolin / slicer combination has its own lid so you can store ready-made products for salads and recipes.
-Review AND MANDOLINE JULIENNE GRATER with stainless steel blades that are very sharp like a razor and do not cause corrosion.  Our 5 interchangeable blades include: straight tape blade;  blade of julienne tape;  julienne slice;  mandolin slider;  and a coarse grater blade.
– Approved FDA and LFGB approved. ABS plastic is non-toxic and BPA free.  This compact mandolin and spiral slicer measures 10.98 “L x 4.53” W x 4.33 “H and weighs 1.62 pounds. It is completely disassembled and pops up onto the top shelf of the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

12) COSORI VS-5 Zestkit Vegetable Spiralizer

spiralizers brands

spiralizers brands

Review best vegetable spiralizers,COSORI VS-5 Zestkit Vegetable.
In any case, vegetables can be healthy and tasty.  Slice, chop, and transition to a healthy lifestyle with the Zest kit Spiral Vegetable Cutter.  By removing sharp, dangerous cutting knives and bulky graters, the Zest kit spiral vegetable slicer cuts fresh vegetables and fruits safely and quickly.  Just put your sturdy fruit or vegetable choice in the holder, pierce it with a round blade and slowly turn the handle, and your food is completely cut.  Within seconds, you can enjoy low-carb vegetarian pasta, vitamin apple chips, homemade onion rings, and more.  Three cutting blades that are easy to change depending on your culinary needs.  Ribbon Blade: Ideal for making potato chips, onion rings, apple slices, and other fun dishes that children and fuss lovers will love.  Thick Spiral Blade: Creates instantly, irresistibly thick locks of vegetarian paste.  These thicker slices are ideal for frying and stewing, and also create an amazing base for many sauces.  Thin spiral blade: Perfect for delicate pasta threads, or for preparing an exquisite side dish to add a finishing touch to your meal or even cool cocktails.  Package Contents 1 x Zest kit Spiral Vegetable Cutter 1 x Band Knife 1 x Thick Spiral Knife 1 x Thin Spiral Knife 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Multilingual User Manual.
-BEAUTIFUL AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL: cheaper than other Spiralizer in the market.  You just need 3 simple sets of knives, beautiful pieces of fruit or vegetables, slices and spirals, and even noodles can be easily cooked, for example, fast low-carb meals, healthy vegetarian noodles made from solid fruits / vegetables such as zucchini, apple, onion, carrots, cucumber  , cabbage, beets, turnips, rutabaga, radish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini and much more.
-LIFE REPLACEMENT and 24-hour customer service: You can enjoy life and support unconditional free returns and 24-hour personal service.  Our responsive and helpful support team is always ready to offer help.
-EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: The suction cup below can be stably attached to any flat surface such as granite, quartz, glass or any non-porous surface.  Comes with an extra brush, easy to clean by hand, just rinse under the tap and dry, as well as in the dishwasher.
-COOK AND HEALTHY FOOD INTERESTING: For those who like to cook creatively and quickly.  Not only perfect for making side dishes to turn your dish into a gourmet dish, but also perfect for making the most beautiful vegetarian diet to entertain your guests.  Bon appetit, even if you are on a diet (raw, vegan, low in carbohydrates, gluten free, wheat free, paleo).  Replace high-carb pasta with vegetarian pasta.  Perfect for christmas gifts.
– INNOVATIVE AND SAFE: this is an absolutely innovative way to get your children to eat vegetables with beautiful plant forms.  The enclosed vault for storing unused blades makes it more secure, FDA approved and BPA free, including user manual.
Product form: Square, Number of sets: 6.0, Material type: ABS plastic.

13) Mueller Spiral-Ultra Multi-Blade Spiralizer

review performance of electric vegi spiralizers

review performance of electric vegi spiralizers

Review performance of electric veggie spiralizers,Mueller Spiral-Ultra Multi-Blade.
– Our mission is to deliver simply superior products with real support from people who improve people’s lives and share our success with the non-profit organizations that we love!
– The replacement period is UNLIMITED!
– You are subject to Mueller USA’s trouble-free replacement policy, so if you are unhappy for any reason, let us know.  Customer support at your service: Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 16:00, Saturday from 8:00 to 13:00.
– Make changes to a healthier lifestyle with Spiralizer TODAY!
– The Mueller Spiral-Ultra multi-vane spiraling unit gives you the opportunity to take another breath.
– Vegetable dishes prepared using a vertical vegetable slicer are cooked in minutes, they are easy to cook, easy to digest and eat deliciously.  What are you waiting for?
– Order a vertical vegetable slicer TODAY and regain your life and health!
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14) Adjustable Mandoline Slicer Vegetable Slicer – 5 Blades

professional spiralizers

professional spiralizers

What are the best electric spiralizers?
-Even making a simple salad will not matter.  Eating healthy food is the key to a happy and healthy life, and the key to health is to make it easy and comfortable.  You do not need to be an expert in the preparation of delicious and nutritious dishes or take advantage of the benefits of cooking.  – An excellent grater for Parmesan cheese, a tomato, a good grater, a grater for carrots and Julian Beler – these can be called.  With a large 1.5 liter container suitable for removing debris, it can also be used safely on the top shelf of the dishwasher, and it comes with an extra cleaning brush to make cleaning easy.  Expand your culinary skills and easily add plenty of food to your area.
–  Create zoodles for an alternative to pasta, delicious summer salad, or oven-roasted vegetables — whatever.  FEATURES:  Ideal for slicing, chopping and slicing with julienne 3 interchangeable knives 3 settings for standard slicing + 3 settings for detaching according to Julian, A dial to adjust the thickness of the slices. – Non-slip base keeps the vegetable grater in place when working on a flat surface 1,5 liter food container, Top shelf for a dishwasher, Spiralizer with 3 settings (spiral and 2 jolens).Includes cut-resistant kitchen glove and cleaning brush.

Features and Details:
– An affordable food removal tool cleans your food with faded blades or can cut it gently.  In developing our improved tangerine knife, we considered the opinions of other steaks and set ourselves the goal of correcting them.  Our interchangeable sharp blades are ideal for cutting, grinding and joule cutting.  Our long-lasting formula does not cut or slip on a non-slip base, and an extra protective glove ensures safety and control.
– Do not spend money on JUNKY KITCHEN kitchen gloves that cause dirty drawers to appear, or just spend time with a knife.  This is all you need in one – with 3 interchangeable slicing blades, Julian and grill, 3 thickness settings with easy thumb control and an additional vegetable nail with 3 additional spiral settings, it is ideal as a vegetable cutter, knife or  garlic knife.  With the fastest preparation and fastest cleaning, you can live better and healthier every day.
– The days disappeared when a simple salad was a tedious task.  Speed ​​and convenience are essential for a healthy lifestyle.  With our julienne you will quickly cook tasty and healthy food.  Unlike other products on the market, the 1.5 L food container is one of the largest, making it light and elegant.  With the upper part – a dishwasher safe + extra brush for cleaning, cleaning your kitchen will be easy.  Slices of delicious vegetarian pasta, summer salad, vegetarian food.
– Our goal is to easily combine healthy nutrition without losing a budget.  One product does everything, regardless of the size of the kitchen or wallet.  Health does not have to come with an expensive price tag.  We know that life is busy and easy to fall into the trap of fast food.  With our helicopter we are here to pull you out!  With a cut-resistant protective glove and a non-slip base that holds the tangerine slides in place, you can cook like a pro, even if you’re not human.

15) 3-in-1 Rotary Cheese Grater Manual Shredder Spiralizer with Interchangeable

the best vegetable spiralizers

the best vegetable spiralizers

Review of spiralizers,3-in-1 Rotary Cheese Grater Manual Shredder.
-REPLACEABLE 3 DRUM DRUM – Prepared as a grater, slicer and chopper for cheese, vegetables, fruits and other products.  Help you with cooking in the kitchen.
– SAVE TIME AND EFFORTS – more efficiently than using a kitchen knife, turn the knob and you will get more beautiful ingredients that will make your food more delicious.
– Keep your hands and fingers away from pain – less danger than using a kitchen knife or open mandolin knives, just be careful when you change or clean your drum blades, a newcomer to the kitchen can handle this.
– EASY TO CONFIGURE – Insert the desired blade and connect it to the handle, after which you can begin to rub food for cooking.
– EASY TO USE AND CLEAN – Fasten the base of the suction cup to the work surface, push the ingredients into the feeder and turn the handle so that the ingredients are distributed with good performance.  The whole item can be divided into three parts, they can be washed with water easily after use.

Review best vegetable spiralizers,Top 15. The best spiralizers to buy, come to our store at the link below.